We’re growing little onions. They’ve survived the winter. No so for the peppers.
Amazing, how we are spread “all over the map” when we look at our lives. I mean, I have two laptops, tons of software that lets me do things I couldn’t imagine when I was a kid, and yet we grow onions in a tin pot on the porch. No technology there. None. Dirt. Water. Interesting how daily life covers the spectrum of our existence. The phrase “From the sublime to the ridiculous” comes to mind. I just can’t decide which is which. [Garden]

National holiday in China

The sweet olive is in full bloom now, and the fragrance of these little yellow flowers is impossible to miss. It’s everywhere.
I wonder if it will be as noticeable in another part of China, or perhaps it’s just around Shanghai, due to the climate.

Sweet olive

We’re going to travel to Xi’an to visit there with some other tourists. We’re going to see the terracotta warriors and the mountainside for a few days vacation. These days at the first of October are the National Holidays in China, a holiday to celebrate the founding of the republic. Modern China is sixty-two this year.
How about that — I’m older than the country. Excuse me while I reach for a chair, and a cane, and take a nap, and …

Wow. A year. Already.

A year in China. Seems like only a few months ago I was tromping around the Shanghai Expo, but it’s been over a year ago now. In that time, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about others here and there. Life does have a way of going on, sometimes whether you want it to or not, sometimes whether you notice it or not.

A long time ago, it seems to me, I first heard someone talk about how time passes; they said the days are sometimes very long but the years go by in a flash. I know a little more about that now.

Last year this time, the osmanthus was blooming in Shanghai.  Take a look at the reference for sweet Osmanthus (or Tea Olive) here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osmanthus_fragrans  It’s here again, so I know the time has passed. But it’s been a quick year.