In the Opinion of an American Catholic — Opinion? I’m full of it!

She’s Marianne. I’m Ken. ¬†Nice to meetcha’.
Pay no attention to the dragon.

This is our blog.¬† No, really it’s mine. They say you write a blog for yourself, mostly. I agree. Nevertheless, there might be something interesting here for you.

I try to add regularly, but it goes without saying…

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Marianne blogs on “WeChat/WeiXIng” which is a Chinese language version of Twitter on steroids, so you might not see as much from her as from me here.

We’re an international family, two-thirds Chinese and one-third American. The Boy is in college using up the family savings. We’ll see what becomes of him and his experiences.

Marianne and I lived in Shanghai before moving to Greater Seattle. And, yes, it’s true what they say about the bluest skies you’ll ever see.