The stuff I use… Pt2

A while back I was reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done, which is a masterwork for those of us who think we have too much to do. You should read it, or <jab elbow into ribs here> at least put it on your ToDo List. (Laugh? I thought I’d die.) Anyhow, the concept has several steps, but the one that matters most to me is the idea of getting things out of my head and into what Allen calls a trusted system. That’s something, anything that you know won’t lose that great idea you just had, when you don’t have any more room in your brain for One More Thing.

I joke a lot about having to choose something to forget when I’m asked to remember something new, since I’m full to the brim in my brain…at least I think so.

But I have found a tool, and I’ll tell you about it next time. It’s Nozbe.