Now, where did I read that?

A friend of mine has located the entire set of The Harvard Classics which for those of you who are saying “Wha?” is a collection, printed and bound, which one could use as a basis of a very substantial personal library–back in time, when books were on paper–and which in fact my own father had in his den. I was saddened when the volumes were damaged beyond salvage in a flood at his Florida home some years ago. BUT they are on the web, so I have access to them after all. The “Five foot shelf of books” is not lost; it resides at Bartleby. How cool is that.

There are of course, other sources for literature, on and off the web. One that makes me a penny or two when you visit is a well-managed source of literature designed (or re-designed) for electronic consumption, with the rather catchy title as I’ve posted below. You could do worse. After all, free is still free, and they have a good search engine.

Download and read eBooks for Free – For Life