7 Is a Magic Number

So, this guy from EnglishClub.com has a number puzzle in his email. I’ll give the puzzle details here. It’s kinda cool (which gives you a clue to my expansive skills in mathematics).

Anyway, first thing is to choose any whole number less than 700…doesn’t matter which one except with one case, that being if the number is evenly divisible by seven. Moving along –

Use a calculator – the Windows calculator is fine – to divide your choice by seven. If there is no decimal remainder, you have chosen a number which is evenly divisible by seven. Choose another number; we need a remainder.

Now, inspect the decimal remainder – the digits to the right of the decimal point. Select the first six digits of the remainder and add these digits together to achieve a result. The sum of your division problem’s remainder’s first six digits will always be 27.

Example1 Choice is 467. Divide 467 by 7 to achieve 66.71428571428571 Add 7,1,4,2,8 and 5 to achieve 27.

Example2 Choice is 589. Divide 589 by 7 to achieve 84.14285714285714 Add 1,4,2,8,5 and 7 to achieve 27.

Notice it’s always the same six numerals, although they are in different order.

What’s up with that?