The Dynamics of Evolving Beliefs

We found that heightened responses after September 11 dissipated and reached a plateau at various points in time over a five-year period.
The folks over at USC’s CREATE site have released a fascinating report about the way we respond to catastrophe in general by documenting the responses to the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States.
It’s a twenty-page report in pdf. Report
I’m curious; what did you do afterward? I joined a CERT group in my county, and trained over 200 radio operators in the skills required for effective communications under trying circumstances. And, as far as I know, the sponsors of both these programs have seen a leveling off of interest over time. As humans, that’s they way we are–until the next time.

Online Anonymity Project ProxyHam Mysteriously Vanishes | WIRED

The highly anticipated anonymity project may be the subject of a law enforcement gag order.


Now, I’m a radio amateur myself, and I have a fairly good idea about the FCC Rules and Regulations regarding what can and cannot be done under Part 97, which governs the service. I’m interested in this project because of its name, as well as its purpose.

Notice that the article mentions that the FCC was not in touch with the inventor. Apparently not even to give advice (not surprising, really). They are after all, a policy-making agency with an enforcement branch, but “prior restraint” doesn’t historically fit with the agency’s behavior.

So, who?

Source: Online Anonymity Project ProxyHam Mysteriously Vanishes | WIRED

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