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I use secure communications whenever I can. I don’t have any particularly nefarious intent in doing so, but I don’t use postcards for the mail either, I use envelopes. Consider securing your email–it’s nobody’s business but yours.

One of the best ways to secure your email is to use an encryption program that’s been around since the early nineties called Pretty Good Privacy, or PGP for short. I hear that the name was taken as an homage to a mythical product offered on the radio show A Prairie Home Companion, a Minnesota Public Radio offering. Far from being just “Pretty Good,” it is essentially unbreakable when correctly implemented. There are many references to the operation of the cipher process available on the web. If it has any drawback, it is that the process is not terribly simple to implement for people who haven’t done it at least once before. Like most things, it’s easier if you know how. See

My Macbook uses a slightly different implementation, but the concept is the same. Mac users know about GPG Tools.

Send a note to PGP at KenTenTen dot com and I’ll respond with a note and my public key in an attachment.