Where’s the water, waiter?

Over at the Hao Hao Report, they’re discussing some favorite brands in China. Among other items, they’ve featured a brand of packaged drinking water (the stuff from the tap is unfit). The brand name is Wahahah Water. I imagine hearing someone calling for one of these things in much the same way as a football cheerleader might do, with a similar response from wags around the world. “Gimme a Wah! Gimme a Ha! Gimme a Wah Hah Hah!!”

And of course, now that my brain has awakened to the insanity of possibility (or should it be the reverse?) I presume that somewhere, someone is establishing a New, Improved version of Wahahah Water. Of course, this newly developed second version must be identified – it could only be known as version “B” — giving us the opportunity to enjoy a


any time we choose.